Annual Giving

  • Annual Giving
  • Gifts to the Dean’s Fund or the Department Discretionary Funds are one of the most powerful ways to support our engineering and computer science students and faculty. These funds enable our dean and department chairs to seize opportunities to enrich the college and our students’ educational experience every academic year.

    Classroom and lab upgrades to support innovations in education and research, national and international internships, programs to support faculty excellence and challenging undergraduate research programs are just a few of the ways your gifts advance the college’s impact and ensure the value of a Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science degree for alumni and future graduates alike.

    Special Initiatives

  • Special Initiatives
  • The College of Engineering has established a variety of funds to enable our donors to direct their financial support to specific initiatives and scholarship funds of greatest personal interest. For more information and other giving options, please contact us at [email protected].

    Undergraduate Research Fund

    Our students want to learn—more. Real-world RESEARCH EXPERIENCE gives them a chance to excel. Your support will give more students a chance to assist our world-class faculty in tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges from healthcare and cybersecurity, to renewable energy and environment sustainability.

    GIVE TO THE Undergraduate Research Fund NOW

    Collaborative Classrooms and Technology Fund

    Collaborative problem-solving is central to next generation engineering education. Your support will help us to build the first of several new collaborative learning facilities—and to equip them with the state-of-the-art instructional technologies and flexibility necessary to facilitate rigorous team-based projects and instruction.

    GIVE TO THE Collaborative Classrooms and Technologies Fund NOW

    Samuel P. Clemence Scholarship Fund

    Through his teaching and by his example, Professor Emeritus Sam Clemence spent four decades inspiring students to excel in engineering and in life. The Samuel P. Clemence Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to worthy civil engineering students—while honoring a man who has served as a teacher, a mentor, a role model, a colleague and a friend to so many. With your help, the Sam Clemence Scholarship Fund will help even more students in the decades to come.

    GIVE TO THE Samuel P. Clemence Scholarship Fund NOW

    Bradley J. and Nancy B. Strait Scholarship Fund

    Professor and Dean Emeritus Brad Strait ’58, G’60, G’65 has left a legacy in the hearts and minds of his students, faculty and staff. This scholarship fund, established through a generous gift by Brad Strait and his late wife, Nancy, provides scholarship assistance to worthy students enrolled in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

    GIVE TO THE Bradley J. and Nancy B. Strait Scholarship Fund NOW

    Endowment Giving

  • Endowment Giving
  • Endowed gifts are transformative and can be established to support undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, faculty chairs and professorships, and specific educational programs and services within the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

    The gift that keeps on giving—endowment funds last in perpetuity, with only the payout from the fund being spent each year to support its donor-specified purpose. As a donor, you can establish your own named fund or contribute to existing funds. $50,000 is typically the minimum required to establish a named endowed fund.


    Faculty Chairs and Professorships

    Endowments supporting faculty chairs and professorships are especially important, since they enable the College to attract and retain world-class educators. An endowed faculty position is one of the most sought after University distinctions for any faculty member. A chair or professorship can enable the College to attract and retain exceptional faculty dedicated to research and excellence in teaching. Endowed professorships also provide dependable funding for research and other creative initiatives. Endowed chairs and professorships provide faculty with a range of opportunities including, but not limited to, specialized equipment, travel support, and post-doctoral assistance.

    Meet Professor Cliff Davidson
    The creation of the Thomas C. and Colleen L. Wilmot Professorship allowed the College to recruit Professor Cliff Davidson to the College. A leader in the field of sustain ability, Davidson currently serves as the director of the Center for Sustainable Engineering.

    For Davidson, the endowed professorship allows him to bring his expertise to national and international audiences and lead the way in creating a globally sustainable society.

    “Engineers are critically important in any type of sustainable development and have to take a leadership role in telling the politicians and other decision-makers what needs to be done,” says Davidson, “We’re talking about a big change in the way engineers think and practice.”


    Endowed Scholarships

    Endowed scholarships provide undergraduate students help with tuition, fees, books, supplies, and other living expenses as the endowment agreement permits. They are one of the best and most meaningful ways to support the College.

    Meet Alexis Peña ’16 
    Alexis Peña ’16, a bioengineering alumna, was part of the inaugural class of Donofrio Scholars, a program that provides support for an annual cohort of 10 students from underrepresented groups.

    The program, funded by Nicholas Donofrio G’71, H’11, former IBM executive vice president for innovation and technology and current member of the University’s Board of Trustees, is designed to support student success in engineering, engage them in the life of the University, and build their support network and leadership potential.

    Peña exemplified student excellence with her curiosity for learning and her drive to contribute to her field of study. In addition to her course load, which included being in the Honors Program, she worked in the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute since her freshman year. Her work in the lab has helped inspire her to pursue graduate school and aim for a career in sustainable medicine. She recently earned national recognition for outstanding research awards for poster presentations at two
    notable conferences. Outside of bioengineering, she is involved in many activities and groups and served as a Class of 2016 Senior Class Marshal for the entire University.


    Endowed Graduate Fellowships

    Endowed graduate fellowships provide support for outstanding graduate or post-graduate students helps SU fulfill its goal of becoming a major research institution. Your gift will help our faculty recruit some of the best students in the country. The fellowship will be used to offset the cost of
    tuition, in whole or in part.

    Meet Scott Constable
    Ph.D. candidate Scott Constable is the current recipient of the Wilbur R. LePage Graduate Fellowship fund that supports doctoral students in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

    Constable works in the Systems Assurance Lab, a part of the Cybersecurity Research Group where he serves as a graduate research assistant, designing the world’s first formally verified secure loader for x86 and ARM architectures. Constable received his master’s degree in computer science from Syracuse University in 2014 where he earned the College’s “Outstanding Graduate Student in Computer Science Award.” He also taught recitations covering probability, statistics, and finite mathematics for business, as well as a lecture course in probability and statistics for SummerStart as a graduate teaching assistant.

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    Planned Giving

  • Planned Giving
  • Gift planning is a tremendous opportunity to support the success of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at a level you never thought possible—and at the same time, provide a financially secure future for you and your family.

    Do you want to make a significant gift during your lifetime, or would you prefer to defer your giving through a bequest? Do you have a particular asset you’re thinking of donating? Do you want to increase your retirement income? Or is your primary goal estate preservation? Are you carrying excess life insurance or a large balance in your retirement plan? We’re happy to work with you and your financial advisors to create a gift plan that will best meet your needs and achieve your philanthropic goals.

    For additional information, visit or contact: