One of the biggest strengths of Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science is our commitment to the success of every individual. Recognizing that engineering and computer science are rigorous courses of study, the College offers a number of programs focused on addressing the needs of students both inside and outside of the classroom.

In our model, every undergraduate student in the College is provided a team of advisors to support and mentor them throughout their undergraduate career. Returning students are assigned a faculty advisor and a career advisor, and first-year students are assigned a student success advisor, a career advisor, and a faculty advisor.

Each advisor coaches students on a different building block of success:

  • Faculty advisors ensure that students understand their discipline and curriculum, assist with course selection, support degree progress, and provide professional development and career advice.
  • Student success advisors focus on the students’ academic success through ongoing outreach, supporting their transition to college, connecting them with resources, and monitoring their progress through mid-semester reports and feedback from faculty.
  • Career advisors counsel and train students to develop and assess their career skills, ensure job readiness, help them secure internships and jobs, and serve as a liaison to faculty and employers on students’ behalf.


Route 44

  • Route 44
  • Engineering and Computer Science students engage with the model through Route 44—a roadmap for students to follow from day one to graduation. Through Route 44, students meet with their advisors at least once per semester and earn points for themselves and for their team as they unlock achievements and meet milestones that include attending ECS community events, participating in career fairs, and making the Dean’s list. Periodically, prize drawings are held for top point earners. The College’s Student Success Center also hosts a year-end celebration for the winning team.

    Route 44 – Your Roadmap to Success!  “Destination = Graduation”

     How to earn personal points (contributes annually to Team Points):

    • Engagement in opportunities to enhance your personal and academic success will result in points earned for the individual and for their team
    • A general breakdown of points is listed in the charts below
    • Additional “bonus” points will be offered throughout the year
    • Look for Route 44 events (designated by the Route 44 logo) in the weekly Student Success Center e-newsletter, computer lab screen savers, social media (@lifeinecs), and in the lobby areas of Link and Sci-Tech


    Activity Amount of Points
    Attend ECS Events throughout the year(view on the ECS Guidebook calendar) 10 points each event (additional 2 points if you submit an event evaluation)
    Complete Annual Milestones 20 points each milestone
    Bonus: complete all Milestones each year 20 point bonus
    Make Dean’s List 25 points/semester
    Hold a Leadership role (inform your Success Advisor) 15 points/semester
    Attend Career Fair 20 points
    Volunteer at Career Fair 10 points
    Utilize peer office hours (view on the ECS Guidebook calendar) 5 points
    Applications submitted on Hand Shake 5 points each application
    LinkedIn profile created and feedback received from Career Advisor 5 points




    In addition to personal points, your team can earn points by completing the following:

    Activity Amount of Points
    Syracuse Welcome Event (80% participation) 50 points
    At least 10 team members present at each ECS event 25 points
    Team represented at 50% ECS events throughout the semester 50 points
    Invite and have a Faculty member participate 25 points/faculty member/event
    Team GPA Bonus 5 points per team member with GPA above 3.0

    Annual Milestones:

    Year 1 Milestones:

    • Meet with your Success Advisor at least twice/semester
    • Meet with your Career Advisor at least once
    • Declare your Major
    • Earn 50 Personal Points by participating in various events and activities in the College

    Year 2 Milestones:

    • Meet with your Success Advisor once/semester
    • Meet with your Career Advisor once/semester
    • Participate in a career preparation opportunity/summer professional development opportunity
    • Earn 50 Personal Points by participating in various events and activities in the College

    Year 3 Milestones:

    • Meet with your Career Advisor once/semester
    • Hold a Leadership Role (Student Organization, SSC Peer Leader, Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, etc.)
    • Secure a summer professional development opportunity (research, internship) & inform your Career Advisor
    • Earn 50 Personal Points by participating in various events and activities in the College

    Year 4 Milestones:

    • Meet with your Career Advisor once/semester
    • Secure a post-graduation opportunity (full-time job, graduate school) & inform your Career Advisor
    • “Pay It Forward” (ie: Serve as an SSC Peer Leader, assist with Career Services events, etc.)
    • Earn 50 Personal Points by participating in various events and activities in the College