Student Success Programs: Programs Rooted in Developing Excellence (PRIDE)

At the College of Engineering and Computer Science we are committed to the success of each individual. It is a commitment that is found not only in our classrooms, but also in the programs and experiences that we provide to our students. These opportunities support our students’ development in the academic, personal, and professional skills that are so critical for success and leadership in today’s society.

This commitment to student success is at the heart of the College’s PRIDE (Programs Rooted In Developing Excellence). PRIDE is on a mission to challenge and support students with experiences and opportunities that will ensure their success well beyond the Syracuse University campus.

The Academic Excellence Workshop (AEW) is geared toward achieving success in courses in engineering and math. AEW sessions are peer-facilitated, one-credit, pass/fail courses designed to supplement the instruction in many first and second year courses. Students are able to register for these classes during the course add period via MySlice.

Participants not only leave with superb understanding of the material, but also with new organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills. The Academic Excellence Workshop is an excellent opportunity to meet your peers and establish new study groups as you learn essential course material.

AEW Calendar

In addition to Academic Excellence Workshops, the College is committed to offering a number of different resources to ensure student success. There are a number of ways that students can find help with academic coursework.

Peer Office Hours

Peer office hours are available Sunday through Thursday to help all engineering and computer science students with their coursework in calculus and other fundamental engineering courses supported by the AEW program.

Peer Office Hours

Math Support

There are number of math clinics available to help students through their coursework in calculus and other math disciplines.

Math Clinics

Science Support

Both the chemistry and physics departments offer help for coursework.

Tutoring Support

The College of Engineering and Computer Science will sponsor up to 5 hours per semester of tutoring per student for courses where there isn’t AEW support.

Why Success Coaching?

Sometimes students get stuck in the learning process. They can’t find the right strategy to move to the next level in their educational process. Sometimes they lack information; sometimes they lose focus or can’t clarify their goals; sometimes they can’t find the resources they need or are unaware of resources that will help them make progress.

When students get stuck in their pursuit of a college degree, a Success Coach can help them discover the steps they need to take to start moving forward, help accelerate changes for students, and help them identify and overcome limitations and obstacles to effectively realize their dreams.

Success Coaching is a unique, specialized service, geared towards helping individuals reach their maximum education potential. Students meet with coaches often, sometimes weekly, on a one‐to‐one basis, setting goals for the week and semester while developing the skills needed to achieve those goals in the most efficient manner. Coaches provide skills training based on the needs of each individual student and refer students to subject‐specific tutors and other support services when needed. This service is not for help in specific subject content but for improvement of strategies that improve academic performance.
Students can make appointments for Student Success Coaching via OrangeLink

For questions or more information visit the Success Coaching office at 269 Link Hall or contact someone by emailing [email protected] or calling 315-443-1373.