Thomas J. Barnard


  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:

  • Adaptive Processing
  • Clutter Rejection
  • Systems Architecture

Current Research:

For over 26 years at Lockheed Martin Corporation (and the heritage General Electric), my work addressed research & development, modeling and simulation, and systems analysis. More specifically, this includes the design and test of adaptive beamformers, space-time adaptive processors (STAP), interference cancellation algorithms, and non-Gaussian detectors for clutter rejection.

Currently, I am interested in virtual pedagogical techniques related to Systems Engineering and Engineering Program Management.

Courses Taught:

  • ELE 791 Modern Radar Tracking
  • ELE 791 Adaptive Processing
  • ELE 691 System Architectures
  • ELE 691 System Engineering Feasibility Studies
  • CIS 321 Probability and Statistics


  • US 7,936,304, May 3, 2011: Method and System for Isolating and Reducing Grating Lobes
  • US 7,228,236, June 5, 2007: Sub-Array Matching Beamformer Apparatus and Method
  • US 6,868,044, March 15 2005: Data Adaptive Interference Suppression
  • US 6,594,201, July 15 2003: System For Localizing Targets Using Multiple Arrays
  • US 6,545,639, April 8 2003: System and Method for Processing Correlated Contacts

Recent Publications:

Barnard, T.J., Khan, F., “False Alarm Rate Reduction in Active Sonar Using Spherically Invariant Random Vectors for Clutter Suppression”, U.S. Navy Journal of Underwater Acoustics Special Issue on Modeling and Simulation, VOL. 54, NO. 1, Jan 2004.

Barnard, T.J., Khan, F., “Statistical Normalization of Spherically Invariant Non-Gaussian Clutter”, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Special Issue on Non-Rayleigh Reverberation, and Clutter, April 2004.

Barnard, T.J., Pennise, A, “An Evaluation of Selective Adaptive Beamforming Against Recorded Shallow Water Active Classification Data”, U.S. Naval Journal of Underwater Acoustics, October 1999.

Aridgides, A., Barnard, T., Fernandez, M., Thelen, M., “Adaptive Clutter Suppression for Enhanced Active Sonar Operation in Shallow Water”, U.S. Naval Journal of Underwater Acoustics Special Issue, January 1997.

Barnard, T.J., Weiner, D.D., “Non-Gaussian Clutter Generation and Approximation With Generalized Spherically Invariant Random Vectors”, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, October 1996.