Mark Glauser


  • Ph.D., Fluid Dynamics, University at Buffalo


  • Fellow, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 2011
  • Fellow, American Physical Society (APS), 2007
  • Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2002
  • Fellow, The Institute of Physics (UK), 2004
  • Associate Fellow, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), 2001
  • 2003 ASME Robert T. Knapp Best Paper Award

Research Interests:

  • Applications of advanced fluid information
  • Turbulence and multi-phase flows
  • Energy systems
  • Built environments
  • Fluid mechanics of breathing and coughing
  • Flow control
  • Dynamical systems
  • Unsteady aerodynamics
  • Acoustics
  • Signal processing and instrumentation
  • K-Ph.D. Education

Teaching Interests:

  • MAE 315, Mechanical and aerospace laboratory
  • MAE 321, Vibrations
  • MAE 341, Introduction to fluid mechanics
  • MAE 741, Turbulence

Select Publications:

Hall, J., Pinier, J., Hall, A.M. and Glauser, M.N. (2009), “Cross-Spectral Analysis of the Pressure in a Mach 0.85 Turbulent Jet,’’ AIAA Journal, Vol. 47, No. 1, pp 54 – 59.

Spitzer, I. M., Marr, D.R. and Glauser, M.N. (2010), “Impact of Manikin Motion on

Particle Transport in the Breathing Zone’’, Journal of Aerosol Science, 41 (2010), pp. 373-383.

Andino, M.Y., and Glauser, M.N., “Flow control effects on length scales over a turret”, International Journal of Flow Control, Vol. 2, No. 3, 2010, pp. 143-153.

M. Andino, R. Wallace, M. Glauser, R. C. Camphouse, R. Schmit, and J. Myatt,

“Boundary feedback flow control: Proportional control with potential application to aero-optics.” AIAA Journal, vol. 49, no.1, pp 32-40, 2011.

R. D. Wallace, P. R. Shea, M. N. Glauser, V. Thirunavukkarasu, and H. A. Carlson (2012), “Simulation-Guided, Model-Based Feedback Flow Control for a Pitching Turret”, AIAA Journal, Vol. 50, No 8, pp. 1685 – 1696.

V. Thirunavukkarasu, H. A. Carlson, R. D. Wallace, P. R. Shea, and M. N. Glauser (2012), “Model-Based Feedback Flow Control Development and Simulation for a Pitching Turret”, AIAA Journal, Vol. 50, No. 9, pp. 1834-1842.

Lewalle, J., Low, K.R. and Glauser, M.N., (2012), “Properties of the Far-Field Pressures Signatures of Individual Jet Noise Sources’’ International Journal of Aeroacoustics, Vol. 11, No 5&6, pp. 651-674.

Low, K.R., Berger, Z.P., Kostka, S., El Hadidi, B., Gogineni, S. and Glauser, M.N., (2012), “Noise Source Identification and Control in a Mach 0.6 Turbulent Jet with Simultaneous Time Resolved PIV, Pressure and Acoustic Measurements’’, in review, Experiments in Fluids.