Michael Roppo

Michael Roppo

Associate Professor of Practice

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Degree: Ph.D. Northwestern University

Professor Roppo has research experience in fluid flow stability, free surface flows, asymptotics and bifurcation of same. Of late he has been involved in numerical optimal control and robotics. He has also been involved in embedded systems and many interdisciplinary electrical engineering endeavors including mems and circuit analysis.

He has created several courses in both mechanical and electrical engineering and taught the curriculum in both departments.

He has industrial experience as a mechanical engineer.

Selected Publications:

“Coupled Lorenz Oscillators” with S.H. Davis in A.S.M.E. HTD-Vol 54, Stability in Connective Flows.

“Coupled Thermal Loops”, with S.H. Davis, Physica D 24, pp. 226-246, 1987.

“Convection With Time Periodic Heating”, with S.H. Davis and S. Rosenblat, Phys. Fluids, 27, pp. 796-803, April, 1984.

“A Note On Time Dependent Heat Exchanger Theory”, with E.N. Ganic, International Journal of Heat Transfer Engineering, 4, pp. 42-46, April, 1983.

“An Experimental Study of Falling Liquid Films and Film Breakdown on a Horizontal Cylinder During Heat Transfer”, with E. N. Ganic, J. Heat Transfer, 102, pp. 342-346, May, 1980.

“A Note on Heat Transfer to Falling Liquid Films on Vertical Tubes”, with E. N. Ganic, Letters of Heat and Mass Transfer, 7, pp. 145-154, 1980