Teng Zhang


  • Ph.D. Brown University, 2015
  • M.S. Dalian University of Technology, 2010
  • B.S. Dalian University of Technology, 2007

Research Interests:

  • Solid Mechanics
  • Mechanics and multi-physics of soft materials
  • Nano-mechanics
  • Bio-inspired design

Current Research:

Zhang group’s current research goal is to explore the fundamental mechanism of the extraordinary mechanical performances (i.e., high toughness, great fatigue resistance, and strong adhesion) of biomaterials, such as cartilage, heart valves, bones, and mussel plague and to propose the novel design principle of the bio-inspired smart materials. To achieve this goal, we employ multiscale and multiphysics modeling and simulations to understand the mechanics of the key components of biomaterials: hard materials for stiffness, soft materials for stretchability and tough interface for robustness. The current research focuses on:

(1) Hard materials: mechanics of graphene and the general two-dimensional materials.
(2) Soft materials: fracture and excessive deformation of soft materials, including hydrogels, elastomers, and cells.
(3) Interface: strong under-water adhesion and the effect of cavitation and materials failure on the interfacial toughness.


  • 2013 Best Teaching Assistance Award of School of Engineering, Brown University

Selected Publications:

Hyunwoo Yuk, Teng Zhang, Shaoting Lin, German Alberto Parada, Xuanhe Zhao, Tough Bonding of Hydrogels to Diverse Nonporous Surfaces, Nature Materials 15, 190-196 (2016).
Shaoting Lin, Hyunwoo Yuk, Teng Zhang, Hyunwoo Koo, Cunjiang Yu and Xuanhe Zhao, Stretchable Hydrogel Electronics and Devices, Advanced Materials (2015) ( 10.1002/adma.201504152).

Teng Zhang, Xiaoyan Li, and H. “Fracture of graphene: a review.”International Journal of Fracture (2015) (10.1007/s10704-015-0039-9).

Teng Zhang, Shaoting Lin, Hyunwoo Yuk, and Xuanhe Zhao. “Predicting fracture energies and crack-tip fields of soft tough materials.”Extreme Mechanics Letters 4 (2015): 1-8.

Teng Zhang, Xiaoyan Li, Huajian Gao. Designing graphene structures with controlled distributions of topological defects: a case study of toughness enhancement in graphene ruga. 2014, Extreme Mechanics Letters, Vol. 1, 3-8.

Teng Zhang, Xiaoyan Li, Huajian Gao. Defects controlled wrinkling and topological design in graphene. 2014, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol. 67, 2-13.

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Teng Zhang, Zuoqi Zhang, Kyung-Suk Kim, Huajian Gao. An accordion model integrating self-cleaning, strong attachment and easy detachment functionalities of gecko adhesion. 2014, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, Vol.28 (3-4), 226-239.