The Allen J. Barduhn Award

Jon-L Innocent-Dolor

For a senior who combines academic excellence with a commitment to service in the chemical engineering profession.

Oren Nagasako Award

Matthew J. Tice

For Bioengineering majors who demonstrate outstanding dedication and hard work acting as a preceptor to fellow students.

Bioengineering Founders Award

Alexis N. Peña

Awarded in honor of Drs. Joseph Zwislocki and Earl Kletsky, initiators and nurturers of the bioengineering program, to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding and wide-ranging skills.

Karen M. Hiiemae Outstanding Achievement Award In Bioengineering

Evan A. Krentzel

Established in memory of Dr. Karen M. Hiiemae, beloved professor, mentor, and pioneer in science and research, for a senior who has combined outstanding academic achievement in bioengineering with the strength and spirit Dr. Hiiemae exhibited throughout her life.