ICM Solution, Inc, North Syracuse

  • ICM Solution, Inc, North Syracuse
  •  a water jet

    ICM Controls is a leading, ISO Certified manufacturer of electronic controls specializing in the HVAC industry.


    Design a depaneling machine capable of cutting out the individual circuit boards from the main panel. The machine should be able to cut varying shapes and sizes of PCB’s (Printed Circuit Board). The machine should also be able to handle the waste material produced from the cutting process.

    GE Global Research, Albany Area

  • GE Global Research, Albany Area
  •  a computer generated depositor

    GE, Schenectady, New York


    GE is a global digital industrial company. The Company’s products and services range from aircraft engines, power generation, and oil and gas production equipment to medical imaging, financing and industrial products.

    Design and demonstrate a mechanical particle deposition system capable of uniformly distributing a fine layer of colored sand over an area followed by a second fine layer of different colored sand over the same area.

    SBB, Inc, Syracuse

  • SBB, Inc, Syracuse
  •  a computer generated assembly

    SBB designs and manufactures cleanrooms and cleanroom components for industries that require manufacturing environments free of pollutants


    Design and development of a prototype phase change material heat recovery air handler for enhanced building HVAC energy reduction

    Inficon, East Syracuse, NY

  • Inficon, East Syracuse, NY
  •  a computer generated model of a device

    INFICON provides world-class instruments for gas analysis, measurement and control.


    We need to bundle fused silica capillary column, wire, and a temperature sensor into a tight toroidal bundle.  These wound assemblies are used as the gas separating element in a family of chemical analyzer products. We request the design and demonstration of a prototype winding machine to facilitate and in part automate this winding operation.

    Howell Ventures Ltd.

  • Howell Ventures Ltd.
  •  Driver Evaluator Breaking system

    Howell Ventures, LTD
    Upper Kingsclear, New Brunswick, Canada


    Manufacturer of hand controls and driving aids for the disabled.

    Design and develop a braking system specifically for evaluators to use when teaching paraplegics how to utilize hand controls.  This system should actuate the braking through emitting electronic signals from an electronic brake pedal and must be able to provide braking forces for relaxed and hard braking conditions.