Faculty Awarded Air Force Grant to Supercharge Information Fusion

 binary code swirls into a bright light

January 19, 2017

Faculty in Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science have been awarded a $295K grant by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to introduce dynamic data to the design of information fusion systems to accelerate the processing of large amounts of data.

Professors Jian Tang, Biao Chen, and Pramod K. Varshney will evaluate information fusion, including sensing/data collection, information processing, and the fusion objectives, as well as interaction among different layers of the hierarchy. Ultimately, they intend to develop a computational platform that enables scalable stream data processing for real-time information fusion.

The team will combine a custom-built Storm, a widely-used distributed computing framework with the powerful processing power of a graphics processing unit (GPU) cluster —creating what they call G-Storm. In doing so, they expect to dramatically increase the system’s speed. They will test, evaluate, and report on their findings.

This project represents original research effort on distributed fusion of heterogeneous stream data and will result in a first of its kind distributed GPU-accelerated platform to enable low-latency information fusion.