Jiang ’16 Wins Prestigious Chemical Computing Award

 a student presents a research poster

July 21, 2016

Wenjuan Jiang ’16, a chemical engineering graduate student, has won the prestigious Chemical Computing Group (CCG) Excellence Award for Graduate Students from the Computers in Chemistry Division (COMP) of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The award is in recognition of her contributions to computationally intensive projects that she has completed as a graduate student in Professor Shikha Nangia’s research group. Foremost is her work on an anticancer nanocarrier drug delivery project, a collaboration between Nangia and Assistant Professor Juntao Luo of Upstate Medical University, which was published in Langmuir. Her work helps illustrate how poorly soluble anticancer drugs can be delivered efficiently by employing polymeric drug delivery systems.

Currently, Jiang is working on designing drug delivery nanocarriers for brain tumors with funding from the Nappi Research Award.

“Treating brain tumors remains a formidable challenge despite advances in chemotherapeutic strategies. Delivering life-saving drugs to the brain in form of a smart nanocarrier has unresolved design challenges, such as nanocarrier stability, size distribution, target specificity, along with the computational challenges associated with length and timescale of the simulations,” Nangia explains. “Wenjuan is systematically addressing these computational bottlenecks in her multiscale modeling simulations. This is a high-impact project, and Wenjuan is pioneering the computational feasibility of this work.”

Jiang will be honored at a ceremony and poster session at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia in August. The CCG Excellence Awards are designed to encourage graduate students to participate in ACG COMP symposia and poster sessions at National Meetings. A complete description and list of past winners can be found at http://web2011.acscomp.org.