Dr. Ahmin Al-Ahmad ‘92

Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Stanford University

Mr. Kent N. Backus ‘67

CEO, Har-Conn Chrome Company

Dr. Bruce E. Baker ‘59

Orthopedic Surgeon

Mr. Brian L Beals ‘64

Former Chief Source Evaluation Unit, Environmental Protection Agency

Mrs. Jane M. Frenchik ‘83

Global Marketing Manager, A. Schulman Inc.

Dr. David A. Klodd

MD, Department of Otolaryngology, Rush University Medical Center

Dr. Monica H. Lamm ‘93

Associate Professor, Iowa State University

Dr. Michael Norato ‘91 G'94, PhD'99

Chief of Component Integrity, Perf. & Testing: Nuclear Reg Commission

Mr. Jonathan Sacks ’91, G'01, G'05

Program Manager, Stryker Corporation