Master of Science in Computer Science

The Computer Science program at Syracuse University has two special characteristics: flexibility in its program structure and emphasis on mathematical content. A candidate for MSCS degree is required to take 10 graduate level courses (30 credits), including four required (core) courses. These four core courses are:

  • CIS 623 Structured Programming and Formal Methods
  • CIS 655 Computer Architecture
  • CIS 657 Principles of Operating Systems
  • CIS 675 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

In each of the core courses the student must achieve a course grade of B- or better.

In each of the core courses a student is assigned an additional grade based solely on his/her performance in the final comprehensive examination of the course. Candidate is required to achieve an average grade of B- (2.667) or better in these four final exam grades.

The remaining six courses are chosen by the candidate from a wide range of graduate level courses in computer science and computer engineering offered each semester to form a coherent program of study.

In addition, the conditions for successful completion of MSCS degree are:

  • At most two courses at 500 level may be included in the program of study.
  • The program of study of ten courses must be ‘coherent’, i.e., graduate courses taken outside of computer science area must meet relevancy criteria.
  • Within this program, the student may elect to prepare and defend a master’s thesis, in accord with the rules of the Graduate School, for up to six of the required 30 credits.

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