Gurdip Singh

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Gurdip Singh serves as the college’s associate dean for research and graduate programs. Previously, he was a program director expert in the Division of Computer and Network Systems in the CISE Directorate at National Science Foundation (NSF). While there, his program management duties included: cyber-physical systems, computer systems research, critical resilient interdependent infrastructure systems and processes, Partnership for Innovation, and Research Coordination Networks. Prior to NSF, he was the head of the computer science department at Kansas State University. His research interests include real-time embedded systems, sensor networks, network protocols and distributed computing. His research has been funded by NSF, ARO, DARPA and Lockheed Martin and has been involved in developing software tools to design large-scale, distributed safety critical systems.

Yoanna Ferrara

Director of Research, Graduate Programs and Corporate Relations

Yoanna L. Ferrara is the college’s director of research, graduate programs and corporate relations. Prior to joining Syracuse University, she served as the director of research and graduate programs and as director of the research administration service center for Cornell Engineering. Prior to Cornell, she was the divisional research and student services officer for Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Ferrara holds a master’s degree in public administration from Cornell University.

Terrie Monto

Assistant to Associate Dean Gurdip Singh

Terrie Monto is the assistant to the associate dean for research and doctoral programs, and previously within the Admissions office in the College of Engineering & Computer Science. Prior to joining Engineering and Computer Science, she worked in the Admissions office in the College of Law, and also in the university’s Undergraduate Domestic and International Admissions in Enrollment Management. She earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Syracuse University. Monto supports the daily activities of the associate dean for research and doctoral programs, and has a supporting role in the daily activities of graduate admissions.