Innovation Center

  • Innovation Center
  • The multi-story addition—to be prominently situated at the south entrance to Link Hall—will visually enhance our College’s connection to SU’s vibrant campus, and will showcase the social relevance and collaborative nature of engineering and computer science in the modern world, crucial for broadening participation. Inspired by designs by interdisciplinary teams of engineering and architecture students, the spacious and modern facility will enable the critical expansion of our student support and career services, as well as provide new student collaboration spaces.

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    A collaboration among the College of Engineering & Computer Science and VPA’s School of Design, this intensive six-week summer experience— hosted both on the SU campus and at the Fisher Center in NYC—immerses 40 undergraduate students each summer in an iterative process of “design, prototype and pitch” to develop students’ abilities to innovate and communicate.

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    Ambassador Scholars Program

  • Ambassador Scholars Program
  • The College seeks to enroll and retain a diverse and dynamic undergraduate population. This program supports deserving students from historically under-represented groups in engineering and computer science with tutoring, career mentoring, stipends, membership to professional societies, summer internships and opportunities for K-12 outreach in Syracuse city schools.

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    Leadership Scholars Program

  • Leadership Scholars Program
  • The College seeks to enroll a high-achieving, driven, and dynamic students for our undergraduate programs. A scholars program that incentivizes top-tier undergraduates to choose our College above other institutions is crucial for elevating our academic reputation. The Engineering and Computer Science Leadership Scholars program will provide significant resources to entice and support.

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    Endowed Faculty Support

  • Endowed Faculty Support
  • An endowed faculty position is one of the most sought after University distinctions for any faculty member. A chair or professorship can enable the College to attract and retain exceptional faculty dedicated to research and excellence in teaching.

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    Endowed Fellowship Support

  • Endowed Fellowship Support
  • To elevate our research impact, the College must recruit, attract and retain graduate students, regardless of financial limitations. Graduate fellowships support the next generation of innovators, scholars and teachers whose ideas can change the world.

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