Civil and Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Student Profile – Basak Keskin

 Civil and Environmental Engineering Ph.D. Student Profile – Basak Keskin

November 24, 2020

Basak Keskin

Hometown: Ankara, Turkey

Advisor: Dr. Baris Salman

Basak Keskin, a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering, is working with airport systems around the world to improve the efficiency in life cycle delivery of their large construction projects. She develops Airport Building Information Modeling (ABIM) processes to enable the collection and management of physical and operational data in a virtual collaborative environment.

“Creating a real impact is a major driver for me,” said Basak.

Through her research, she has integrated best construction and infrastructure management practices into a novel framework applicable not only to U.S. airports but also to a wide range of other infrastructure systems. Reflecting on the most valuable skills she gained through her experience at SU, Basak points out problem solving and critical thinking for real world questions, as well as building a rich professional network.

“I presented a lot, both at academic conferences and to executives around the world.”

Her advice to new graduate students is to look for and utilize the numerous resources available to support Ph.D. students including conference funding through the Graduate Student Organization and professional development through Career Services. Basak also encourages students to join the ECS GSO where graduate students can engage with students from other departments, learn about resources, and build new friendships. In her free time, Basak also does Reformer Pilates downtown Syracuse and took yoga classes on campus.