A Message From Karen Davis, Assistant Dean of Inclusive Excellence

 Karen Davis

Hello and Welcome to our College’s Office of Inclusive Excellence Webpage!

The Association of American Colleges & Universities defines inclusive excellence as “designed to help colleges and universities integrate diversity, equity, and educational quality efforts into their missions and institutional operations.”

The Office Inclusive Excellence is committed to breaking barriers and building bridges in our community.  We augment and integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion within the college through education, research, dialogue, policy, and assessment.  The Office leads high-impact student retention programs, and hosts training and education for faculty, staff, and students.

I am excited and honored to dedicate myself to enhancing our College’s culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity. I ardently believe in the vision of the Office of Inclusive Excellence, and I am pleased to be in a position to move the needle in these critical areas.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with ideas, questions, and concerns. Working together, we can have the most significant impact.

Best Regards,

Karen Davis
Assistant Dean of Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence Council

  • Inclusive Excellence Council
  •  Inclusive Excellence Council

    The ECS Inclusive Excellence Council is led by the Assistant Dean and comprised of faculty, staff and students. Driven by work in various sub-committees, the council is an action based group focused on representation, expanding opportunities for underrepresented minorities and females and supporting the ECS Leadership Dialogue Circle program.

    Training and Education

  • Training and Education
  • Leadership Dialogue Circles

    Through our partnership with InterFaith Works we use dialogue circles to develop inclusive excellence leadership skills—crucial for enhancing campus climate and skills cited by employers as essential for leadership in today’s global, diverse, and multicultural workforce.

    The dialogue circles bring people together in small groups to foster mutual understanding and trust, uncovering new ways to work together and solve problems. Each circle is led by diverse, trained facilitators to address and encourage understanding across identity differences.

    Student Excellence Programs

  • Student Excellence Programs
    • Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW)
    • Scholar Programs
    • Pre-College Initiatives
    • Student Organizations
    • Tutoring

    Sponsored Initiatives

  • Sponsored Initiatives
    • ECS Connect
    • ECS Book Share
    • College Cookout
    • ECS Book Read
    • Introduce a Girl to Engineering
    • Game Night

    Updates, Questions, and Feedback

  • Updates, Questions, and Feedback
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    For additional information and updates on diversity and inclusion efforts in the college and the University, be sure to utilize the following outlets:

    To ask questions or provide feedback on these crucial topics, please refer to the following options: