Jim Fawcett

Jim Fawcett

Teaching Professor Emeritus

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


  • Ph.D. from Syracuse, 1981

Research Interests:

  • Complex software systems
  • Code restructuring
  • Software visualization

Current Research:

The main focus of my research group’s work is on improving ways of understanding, assessing risk, and modifying software for very large systems in ways consistent with its required semantics. These systems often exceed several million lines of code embedded in thousands of packages.

Our code restructuring research seeks ways of making semantics preserving transformations that improve the ability of developers to understand, maintain, and extend such large systems.

One member of our group is working on high performance computing using GPUs to augment conventional processing.

Teaching Interests:

  • Software design: CSE687 – Object oriented design, CSE776 – Design patterns
  • Software architecture: CSE681 – Software modeling and analysis
  • Cross platform development: CSE775 – Distributed objects
  • Web applications: CSE686 – Internet programming

Recent Publications:

A New Cohesion Metric and Restructuring Technique for Object Oriented Design Paradigm, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technical Reports, 2012

Measuring Specification Concordance with Semantic Mutation Testing, CATA 2011

RootBeer: Seamlessly Using GPUs from Java, HPCC 2012