Dawit Negussey

Dawit Negussey

Professor and Graduate Dean’s Faculty Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion

Civil & Environmental Engineering


  • Ph.D. University of British Columbia

Research Interests:

  • Geofoam geotechnics
  • Sensors and grids
  • Innovative infrastructures

Teaching Interests:

  • Soil mechanics
  • Geotechnical
  • Transportation engineering

Select Publications:

Stuedlein, A.W. and Negussey, D. (In Press) “Use of EPS Geofoam for Support of a Bridge,” Sound Geotechnical Research to Practice: Geotechnical Special Publication No 230, ASCE, Reston, VA.

Bartlett, S., Negussey, D., Farnsworth, C. and Stuedlein, A., “Construction and Long-Term Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Constructed Using EPS Geofoam on Soft Soil Sites in Salt Lake Valley, Utah.” Proceedings of the 4th International EPS Geofoam Conference, Oslo, 2011.

Radhakrishnan, K. and Negussey, D., “Pile Driving Vibration Isolation Using Geofoam.” Proceedings of the 4th International EPS Geofoam Conference, Oslo, 2011.

Huang, X. and Negussey, D., “EPS Geofoam Design Parameters for Pavement Structures.” Proceedings of Geo Frontiers 2011.

Bansal, M., Kornreich, P., Negussey, D., Flattery, J., Mandel, J. and Drake, R., “Strain and Sonar Detection with Lithium Niobate Coated Core Fiber.” Photonic Microdevices / Microstructures for Sensing II, Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 7682, 2010.

Huang, X. and Negussey, D., “Resilient Modulus for EPS Geofoam,” Proceedings of ASCE GeoDenver, 2007.

Negussey, D., “Design Parameters for EPS Geofoam,” Soils and Foundations, Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, 2007.