Kishan Mehrotra

Kishan Mehrotra

Research and Emeritus Professor

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


  • Ph. D., University of Wisconsin

Lab/Center Affiliation:

  • SENSE (Artificial Intelligence)

Research Interests:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Social networks
  • Bioinformatics

Current Research:

My most recent publications belong to three areas: anomaly detection, identification of motifs, and community detection in social networks. In anomaly detection we are interested in detecting anomalousness of a multidimensional observation as well as anomalousness of a time series, and focus on using weighted rank-based approaches.

In bioinformatics, we are interested in identifying gene interaction network but our recent work is on identifying simple and structured motifs among co-regulated genes, with particular emphasis on minimizing user provided parameters; because in absence of any information about the nature of motifs, a user is likely to have vague idea of what he/she is looking for.

Courses Taught:

  • Algorithms
  • Probability and statistics
  • Discrete mathematics

Selected Publications:

Efficient classification of binary data stream with concept drifting using conjunction rule based boolean classifier (with Yiou Xiao and Chilukuri K. Mohan), IEA/AIE 2015, LNAI 9101, pp. 457-467, 2015.

Multi-objective optimization to identify key players in social networks (with R. Chulaka Gunasekara and Chilukuri K. Mohan), Social Network Analysis and Mining, 5.1, pp. 1-20, 2015.

Ensemble algorithms for unsupervised anomaly detection (with Zhiruo Zhao and Chilukuri K. Mohan), IEA/AIE 2015, LNAI 9101, pp. 514-525, 2015.

Multi-objective structuring in social networks (with R. Chulaka Gunasekara and Chilukuri K. Mohan), Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining, (ASONAM 2013, IEEE/ACM International Conference in IEEE), 2013.

SMAlign: Alignment of DNA sequences with gap constraints (F. Alobaid, Chilukuri K. Mohan, and R. Raina) in Proceedings of BICoB, Las Vegas, March 2012.

A Game Theoretic Framework for Community Detection with (Patrick J. McSweeney and Jae Oh), ASONAM 2012, August 27-30, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey.

Rank-Based Outlier Detection with (HuaMing Huang and Chilukuri K. Mohan), in Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2011.

A Clustering based Discretization for Supervised Learning with (Ankit Gupta and Chilukuri K. Mohan) in Probability and Statistics Letters, 2009.

Squeezing the last drop: Cluster-based classification algorithm (with Necati E. Ozgencil and Nancy McCraken) in Statistics & Probability Letters, (2007), doi:10.1016/j.spl.2007.03.014.