Orange Robotics Looking For New Team Members After Top Ten Finish

 the Orange robotics team

September 13, 2017

It is easy to underestimate a robot that only stands a foot and half tall, but the latest design by Orange Robotics is full of surprises. It can climb stairs, throw a tennis ball, hit a golf ball, sprint, and lift weights.

Graduate student Sounak Das, Sam Meyers ’18 and David Parran ’18 took the robot they built to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Design Competition at Tennessee Tech University in April to take on other robots from colleges across the country. Orange Robotics finished eighth out of 48 teams in their first competition and are starting to think about their next model.

“A whole new robot, a whole new challenge,” said Meyers.

“Every competition has a problem statement, you design for it,” said Das.

Competitions like the ASME Student Design event require robots be able to able to accomplish multiple tasks and also fit inside a 50 centimeter cube.


“You do run into problems and you find solutions,” said Parren.

Orange Robotics is looking for new members interested in joining their team. They welcome students from any discipline at Syracuse University.

“We learn to work from a budget, and plan like any business would,” said Das.

“It’s a great hands-on experience tool, applicable in the classroom,” said Parren.

Das, Meyers and Parran say the robotics competitions encourage creative designs and solutions.

“The limit of what you are doing is your imagination,” said Das.

To learn more about Orange Robotics, visit their Facebook page or email Sam Meyers at [email protected].