“We challenged the students to tackle a complex mechanical design problem for a critical technology in GE. Not only did the students enthusiastically embrace the task, they brought true, out-of-the-box ideas to the table and reduced them to practice in short order. More importantly, the students communicated their ideas with both passion and professionalism, making them a welcome addition to our team.”

Joseph Vinciquerra
GE Global Research

Working with engineering students on real world opportunities and problems brings a win-win scenario for both the students and the business. The creativity that comes from working with those who are not under typical business pressures helps to give new thoughts to old problems. It also helps give students a perspective on what is important to the business world that is relevant and practical, helping them to add a quality to their studies that makes them even more valuable upon graduation. It has been evident that it is motivational and of value for all those involved.

Steven C. Hisel

The Capstone Team involved on our phase change material heat recovery project offered unique insights not considered previously. This included sequencing three separate materials in series to extend the latent recovery phase of heat transfer to maximize efficacy of the device significantly. Resources applied to the initial research of these materials, and the custom software coding applied to the solution scenarios were very much appreciated and extended our capacity as a company to achieve results beyond our own resource availability. Students have been very forthcoming with improvement suggestions. This program has been a great experience.

Vince Bongio
SBB Inc.

We gave the students a project that would challenge them in multiple facets, the outcome of the project has been above and beyond expectations. The students were great to work with, high level of professionalism, great ability to problem solve, and think outside of the box. The resolution to the project that they came back with was a technology that we never even considered using. Hopefully we can continue with the program in the future.

Brian T. Smith