2016 Stevenson Biomaterials Poster Competition Winners

March 15, 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Stevenson Biomaterials Poster Competition winners! First Place      Prize Awarded $800 Molecular Architecture of the Blood Brain Barrier Tight Junctions Flaviyan Jerome Irudayanathan, Shikha Nangia Second Place      Prize Awarded $600 Cytotoxicity of Galvanically Coupled Magnesium-Titanium Particles on Human Osteosarcoma SAOS2 Cells for Therapeutic Effect Jua Kim, Jeremy Gilbert Third Place      Prize Awarded $400 Finite-size effects on pressure and dynamics of motility-induced phase separation Adam Patch, David Yllanes, M. Cristina Marchetti Best Commercial Potential Exploring a Single Engineered Protein Nanopore with an Enzymatic Domain Avinash Thakur, Liviu Movileanu Honorable Mention Attachment and cell cluster formation of Escherichia coli on polydimethylsiloxane surfaces with topographic line patterns Huan Gu, Aaron Chen, Xinran Song, Megan E. Brasch, James H. Henderson, and Dacheng Ren