Attending a Career Fair? Job Hunting Advice From Industry Leaders

 a career fair in the Carrier Dome

January 25, 2018

At Syracuse, the Engineering and Computer Science career fairs typically feature over one hundred employers – all looking for engineers and computer science grads to join their teams.

“It’s great to be able to go to a school that can attract this type of talent,” said graduate student Anthony Terzolo

For current students, be ready to highlight your tech skills along with your collaborative skills

“In their descriptions online, they list a lot of hard skills, technical abilities they want their prospective employees to have but I talk to the people and they want a lot of soft skills. They want people people,” said graduate student Taylor Bradford. “People that are good at interacting with others, can understand and work with difficult teams, work on interdisciplinary teams.”

And many employers say the career fair gives students an important opportunity to interact and discuss projects they have worked on.

“Communications skills are huge. We are a consulting firm so obviously we don’t make a widget so we have to be able to talk to clients. Tell them what we do. Writing skills,” said Jeanne Korchak from O’Brien and Gere.  “Presentations are huge especially now. More and more the visual. We can talk all day to a client but when we can put it up on a screen – the visual technology has come a long way with that”

There are thousands of students at the career fair – and an updated, competitive resume can help you stand out. Career Services in the College of Engineering & Computer Science can help with a one on one resume review appointment.

“I had them check over my resumes and tell me how to highlight different points and it was nice, now going up to these large companies, I know exactly what to talk about,” said Terzolo.

Karen Davis says “We give advice that is based on industry standards. That is when you become competitive when you have an industry standard competitive resume,” said Karen Davis from the College of Engineering & Computer Science’s Career Services office. “They should have results oriented items on their resume rather than describing what they did, they should describe the impact of what they did had on the business”

Bradford says she recommends students keep an open mind and do not assume companies are only looking for one skill set.

“I don’t really pigeonhole myself and only look at bioengineering companies. I will look at any company that lists mechanical, chemical, electrical because I have taken a lot of the same courses as those other disciplines,” said Bradford.

Kyle Gardiner from Pratt and Whitney says the aerospace company is innovating and advancing new technology across multiple disciplines.

“Pratt and Whitney we have jobs from design engineering, manufacturing engineering, we have repair development engineering so there is all kinds of interests. In the past we have seen a lot of engineers from Syracuse get jobs at Pratt and Whitney. It is a school that has given us talent and future leaders,” said Gardner.