Connecting With Your Career Advisor During Remote Instruction

 Connecting With Your Career Advisor During Remote Instruction

March 13, 2020

ECS Career Services will still be accessible as we move forward for the remaining months of the Spring 2020 semester. Log onto Handshake where you’ll be able to schedule remote appointments which will encompass email (messaging), phone, and video conferencing as appointment Mediums. The Career Services department will still continue to adhere to standard business hours for operating procedure of Monday-Friday, 8:30AM – 5PM EST.

Advisors and Contact Information

Mary Kay Montville, Director of Career Services (315-443-2371): [email protected]

Christopher Maldonado, Career Advisor: [email protected]

Anand Samuel, Career Advisor: [email protected]

Frances Firman, Interim Career Advisor: [email protected]


For continued access to career relevant resources, access Career Center Resources on Handshake for the following:

  • VMock (currently ECS undergrad only)
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Career Guides by Major
  • Interview Prep (BigInterview)
  • Job, Internship, and Research exploration tools

Appointment Instructions

For messaging, phone, and video conference appointments please follow the instructions below to establish and connect for video/phone appointments:

  • Download Microsoft Teams to your computer or cell phone
  • Login using your SU credentials
  • At the time of your scheduled appointment, you should have Microsoft Teams open so you can accept a meeting invitation. Please do not initiate the meeting as your Career Advisor may still be meeting with the student ahead of you.
  • Your Career Advisor will make 2 attempts to connect with you at the start of your meeting, 5 minutes apart, and will then invite you to reschedule.

Employer Engagement

We are working hard to help employers transition their events and interviews from in-person to online. Please be ready to engage with employers remotely as necessary and communicated. For the best information, follow the event or interview details as best you can, as these locations will have the most up to date information on how to work with the employer.

A message from Career Services Director Mary Kay Montville

Please continue to utilize Handshake, apply for your next step, and don’t let your momentum be hindered! This is such an important time for you and let’s not anything get in the way of your success! As the career center, our heart and soul, is your next destination. Handshake is your resource and we want you to continue to apply, reach out to us, and complete the surveys to let us know your progress!