Five College of Engineering & Computer Science Professors Honored With Endowed Professorships

 Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg, Dacheng Ren, Jesse Bond, Jae Oh, Young Moon, Biao Chen, Michele Wheatly

November 8, 2017

On Friday November 3, professors Jesse Bond, Dacheng Ren, Biao Chen, Jae Oh and Young Moon from the College of Engineering & Computer Science were formally inducted as endowed professors. Dean Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg and Provost Michelle Wheatly recognized the professors and the generous benefactors who supported the endowments.

Chemical engineering professor Jesse Bond was inducted as the Gustav A. Mezger Professor in Engineering. Mezger earned his engineering degree from Syracuse in 1920, and was firmly committed to engineering education and students.

Professor Dacheng Ren was inducted as the Milton and Ann Stevenson Endowed Professor of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering. The Stevensons met at Syracuse and went on to found the Anoplate Corporation, a specialty metal finishing company. Milton was a member of SU’s Board of Trustees prior to his passing in 2009. Ann was elected to take his seat and served as a voting member until 2016. They established the endowed professorship to support the teaching and research of faculty in biomedical and chemical engineering.


Professor Biao Chen was inducted as the John E. and Patricia A. Breyer Professor in Electrical Engineering. John Breyer serves on the Engineering & Computer Science Dean’s Leadership Council and is actively engaged with the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. In addition, he serves as a life member of SU’s Board of Trustees. His distinguished career has focused on leading business solutions in the fields of radio frequency and microwave instruments and systems, sonar, electrical power instruments, telephone grid instruments, and other products. The John E. and Patricia A. Breyer Professorship in Electrical Engineering was established to promote excellence in electrical engineering.

Professor Jae Oh was inducted as the David G. Edelstein Professor for Broadening Participation. Edelstein is an entrepreneur and innovator, who put his Syracuse computer degree and his MBA to work at Bristol Meyer Squibb, Dade Behring, and as vice president of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Corporation. He is currently serving as vice chair of the Syracuse Board of Trustees and chair of its academic affairs Committee, as well as chair of the Engineering & Computer Science Dean’s Leadership Council.

Edelstein, and his wife Jennie, established the David G. Edelstein Professor for Broadening Participation to support the activities, research, and teaching of an outstanding professor in Engineering & Computer Science to broaden the participation of historically underrepresented groups in computing.

Professor Young Moon was inducted as the William J. Smith endowed professorship in manufacturing enterprises. Smith was a University Trustee, a visiting professor, and president and CEO of United States Can Company. He established the William J. Smith Endowed Professor in Manufacturing Enterprises.