Gifts to Dean’s Fund Bolster Efforts, Break New Ground

 Dean Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg

December 5, 2016

By Teresa A. Dahlberg

This is the most exciting time in history to be an engineer or computer scientist. Technology now impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and the pace of innovation is ever increasing. Engineers and computer scientists are being called upon to address our most pressing global and social problems, and to do so in collaboration with policymakers, economists, sociologists, and educators.

As our profession changes, the way we educate our students is also changing. Our graduates must be prepared to enter a global marketplace, work collaboratively across disciplines and cultures, and solve complex problems using time-tested strategies and innovative solutions. Every year, the success of our graduates is a direct reflection of the financial support we receive from generous alumni and friends like you.

I write today to ask for your renewed support to bolster our efforts to deliver exceptional educational opportunities . . . and to break new ground.

Your generous gift to the Dean’s Fund will allow us to further prepare our students in ways that will differentiate them in the competitive marketplace and magnify the value of a Syracuse University engineering and computer science degree. Your gift will also support initiatives aimed at positioning our College as a leading model for contemporary engineering and computer science education, as presented in our Transformation Plan.

These initiatives include the new Atrium—a crucial addition to Link Hall to provide needed collaboration space for our students and expanded academic and career services to ensure student success. Designed by interdisciplinary teams of engineering and architecture students, the Atrium will visually enhance our College’s connection to SU’s vibrant campus, while showcasing the social relevance and collaborative nature of engineering and computer science in the modern world.

I’d like to thank you for caring so deeply about our College. We are united by our aspirations to advance the student experience, our College’s research contributions, and reputation. With your help, we can continue to prepare graduates to create transformative solutions to society’s grand challenges for generations to come.

With gratitude and best wishes for a happy new year,
Teresa A. Dahlberg, Dean

P.S. Your gifts make a tremendous difference. Please support future SU engineers and computer scientists by making your gift to the Dean’s Fund today.

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