Isik Named Director of ECS Leadership Scholars Program

 Isik Named Director of ECS Leadership Scholars Program

August 15, 2018

Can Isik—a professor in Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS)—has been named director of the College’s ECS Leadership Scholars program which positions high-achieving students to lead innovation at the intersections of technology and people.

Introduced with the 2017 incoming class, the ECS Leadership Scholars program places students in a collaborative cohort of fellow scholars and provides them with resources, including a merit scholarship, paid research opportunities, and special access to additional programs and experiences. Represented in all four of the College’s academic departments, the Leadership Scholars are selected by a special committee during the regular admissions process. This program is a key initiative of the comprehensive ECS Transforming Our Future plan. For complete information and to support the plan, visit

“Leadership Scholars are exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities with a focus on the intrinsic link between technological advancement and its societal impact,” said Isik. “Students enhance their leadership skills through their interactions with their cohort and participation in design and research processes.”

A professor of electrical engineering and computer science­, Isik has been with ECS since 1985. He served as the College’s senior associate dean for academic and student affairs for more than 13 years and is a member of the University Senate. In his research, Isik models complex systems for improved control, forecasting, and signal processing. This work has been applied to process control, indoor environmental control, medical instrumentation, diagnostics and prognostics, and computational finance.

“We are elated that Can will lead the ECS Leadership Scholars program,” said Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg. “His long-standing devotion to the success of our students and his acute understanding of technology’s relationship with society makes him the ideal person for this role.”