John DeSantis ’08, Computer Engineering

June 9, 2015

When I graduated from Syracuse University, I first took an unpaid internship for the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania. After that I was hired as a field organizer and then as a regional field director for President Obama's Organizing for America. In 2013, I started Believe in Syracuse—a non-profit organization that promotes the positive things about the Greater Syracuse Community and uses grassroots organizing to cultivate civic engagement among Central New York residents. Syracuse University taught me that there is so much more to the CNY community than what I experienced when I grew up here. I learned that big things are possible here. I learned that there are some very impressive people that live here, such as all of my professors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. My advice to new and current students would be to take advantage of this unique time in your lives where you have such amazing and diverse people and opportunities around you. Get involved in clubs and activities. Network with your classmates and get to know your professors. Also, hop on the connective corridor bus and explore Downtown Syracuse and all it has to offer. Once you get a taste of the greater Syracuse community, consider it as a potential location for starting your career when you graduate. Who said that your Syracuse experience has to end when you graduate?