Luther Masanto ’12, Engineering Management

 Luther Masanto

April 27, 2016

I began my studies at Syracuse University as an undecided engineering major, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. At first, I was nervous to be at such a large school, coming from a small prep school in Connecticut.

But, when I arrived I was welcomed by Professor Sam Clemence. He encouraged me to take on tasks and classes that were outside of my comfort zone. He believed in me to a point that it was impossible for me not to have focused goals. He made me want to prove to myself how much I am capable of. From the beginning to the end of my time in Syracuse, he would give me advice, even in passing. That kind of tenacity and commitment to students is what makes SU such a great place for the cultivation of knowledge and passion.

I was also continuously inspired by my classmates. Not only were they willing to study with me, but they were also understanding of our differences in approaching assignments and problem solving. Through late nights of studying we also learned of each other’s talents and hobbies that made our SU experience more fulfilling that inevitably contributed to our success in the classroom.

During my time at SU, I joined the executive board of Caribbean Students Association. The members of the group were smart, hard-working, and socially aware. We collaborated with organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), the African Student Union, Kalabash Dance Troupe, the Haitian American Students Association, the Multicultural Empowerment Network, the Asian Students in America, the Student African American Society, and the list goes on.

This is what makes SU special to me: we learned how to turn our passions into success. We formed a dance group that went on to win SU’s Best Dance Crew. We created an entertainment company that DJ’ed Vice President Biden’s campus visit. We walked with NSBE through the city of Syracuse to encourage kids to attend college. To develop these abilities and be a part of such a supportive engineering school, make me proud to bleed orange wherever I go. I encourage all current students to tap into their abilities and find their true potential to use everything they do inside the classroom to have a positive effect outside the classroom.

Currently, I work as a supply chain leader at Frito-Lay, and recently was promoted to the associate level. I utilize the abilities I mentioned before to help influence a large team to drive results to reduce waste, deliver quality product, and decrease the ecological footprint in a manufacturing setting. Surprisingly, there are a lot of engineering and management skills that go into making potato and corn chips!

Frito-Lay has begun recruiting more at Syracuse University, and I’m pleased to say we’ll have two interns that are current students, and one full-time hire, starting here this summer. If you’d like to look at more opportunities with Frito-Lay or PepsiCo, feel free to check on, or contact me at [email protected]. I am willing to help and give guidance wherever I can!