Meet our Engineering and Computer Science Bloggers

December 15, 2015

In a new series of articles, we are turning things over to the people who experience STEM education first-hand every day—our students. In their blog entries they provide a unique perspective on engineering and computer science topics inside and outside of the College in their own words. We’re lucky to have each of our academic departments represented on our current team and we are already off and running. Please allow us to introduce our team!   Emma Brewer ’17, Civil Engineering I’m Emma Brewer, a civil engineering major with a minor in geography. Within the College, I am a member of American Society of Civil Engineers and a Pathfinder for first-year students. I am also involved with the SU Club Ski Team and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority. Initially, I chose to become a civil engineering major because I was very interested in green buildings and infrastructure, but over the past few years that interest has broadened to include planning and development of sites, especially in urban areas, which I have been learning about through my geography classes. In the near future I hope to secure an internship for the summer to gain more experience within my field that will hopefully be related to my interests. My passions outside of engineering include playing soccer, hiking, watching the Mets, and skiing. Read Emma’s first blog entry, “Extremely Green—Designing Living Buildings.”   Eddie Devino ’17, Chemical Engineering My name is Eddie Devino, I am a chemical engineering student in Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. I am gearing my education towards the field of alternative energy by minoring in energy systems with a sustainability focus, along with minoring in cultural anthropology. Aside from all things engineering, you will often find me at People’s Place, serving the richest (and cheapest) coffee on campus. My interest in chemical engineering stems from my interest in mathematics and chemistry in high school. I hope to use my degree and all of the knowledge gained throughout college and channel it into a career that is oriented around helping other people with modern technology and engineering. There are only a few things I take more seriously than my engineering education—the Boston Celtics, my facial hair, and my coffee consumption. Read Eddie’s first blog entry, “SUstainable—Shedding a New Light on Learning.”   Ben Milos ’17, Mechanical Engineering My name is Ben Milos, and I'm a junior mechanical engineer. Over the past couple years I've been involved everywhere on campus. I started really getting involved my sophomore year when I became a pathfinder (engineering peer mentor). From there I became really motivated to get more involved, so then I became a physics coach. Physics coaches help teaching assistants guide students through problems during recitation. This semester is also my first time being a Residential Adviser in Ernie Davis Hall. Along with all of that, I played intramural soccer during my sophomore year after playing soccer for around 15 years of my life. Soccer is one thing I always really loved and will stop and have a conversation, or play, with anyone who's interested. I chose to be a mechanical engineer initially because I knew it was the most broad, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with engineering when I came into school. The great thing about mechanical engineering being as broad as it is, I still have no idea what job I see myself doing after I graduate from Syracuse. I have interests in so many different areas that I can't seem to pick just one thing I want to do. For example the three major areas I would love to see myself working in are sports, healthcare, or consulting. I have no clue where I will end up. All I know is I would love the opportunity to move outside the area and eventually travel the world someday. Read Ben’s first blog entry, “Futuristic Ideas in Materials Science.”   Carter Yagemann ’15, Computer Science Hi, my name is Carter Yagemann. I'm a masters student studying computer science in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. I'm aiming to complete my masters by the end of Spring 2016. I work as a research assistant for Professor Kevin Du in his Android security lab. My research interests include mobile security and security education. I explore problems such as how to ensure security and privacy in Android inter-component communication. I also assist Professor Du in the development and maintenance of the Security Education (SEED) Project. I'm also a student member of ACM and IEEE and I compete in cybersecurity competitions along with the other members of the iSchool's Information Security Club. I chose to study computer science because I have a passion for security and privacy. Security is an interesting puzzle with technical and ethical considerations which makes it engaging to research. In the future I plan to continue on in my learning and pursue a PhD in computer science. I hope to continue doing research and potentially become a professor one day. Read Carter’s first blog entry, “Android for Your Laptop.”