Nunan Day Celebrates Student Research, Highlights Autonomous Systems

 cyber physical systems

April 5, 2016

Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science hosted its annual Nunan Lecture and Research Day on April 5. It featured a keynote lecture by Colorado State University Professor Ronald M. Sega, a former NASA astronaut and Undersecretary of the Air Force, and a panel discussion of industry and academic professionals. Both the keynote and panel addressed this year’s theme, Systems of Systems of Autonomy.

Sega commended students on their research and encouraged them to seek out opportunities to apply their discoveries to unintended applications and reach across disciplines to greaten their impact. In referencing Sega’s advice, Dean Teresa Dahlberg encouraged students to explore ways to incorporate autonomous systems concepts into research outside of mechanical and aerospace engineering—the discipline currently most commonly associated with the subject.

The panel discussion included Patrick Murphy ’88, President and CEO of Millenium Engineering & Integration Company; Professor Amit Sanyal; Professor Jurgen Babirad; and Craig Marcinkowski, Director of Strategy & Business Development for Gryphon Sensors.

They discussed opportunities to incorporate autonomous systems into drone flight, detection, and surveillance, as well as technology to assist aging or physically disabled adults.

Nunan Day featured over 100 Ph.D. posters highlighting research happening across the College from all four departments. Students displayed and pitched their research and achievements in a judged poster session. The following are this year’s poster competition winners:

Practical Application
Micro-Tubular Flame-Assisted Fuel Cells
Ryan J. Milcarek
Advisor: Jeongmin Ahn

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Comparing Leading Edge Vortex Circulation History in Different Vortex Identification and Tracking Methods
Yangzi Huang
Advisor: Melissa A. Green

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
On the Development and Application of Mechanical Framework for the Analysis of Finite Discrete Networks
Griffin M. Kearney
Advisor: Makan Fardad

Optimal Spectrum Auction Design with Two-Dimensional Truthful Revelations Under Uncertain Spectrum Availability
Sid Nadendla
Advisor: Pramod K. Varshney

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Adobe Structures Strengthened by Synthetic Nylons
Mohammadhossein Mamaghani
Advisors: Eric M. Lui and Hossein Ataei

Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Attachment and Cell Cluster Formation of Escherichia Coli on Polydimethylsiloxane Surfaces with Topographic Line Patterns
Huan Gu
Advisor: Dacheng Ren

Overall Best Poster Winner
Microstructure-rheology Relationship in Surfactant Micelle and Micelle-nanoparticle Solutions: a Molecular Dynamics Study
Subas Dhakal
Radhakrishna Sureshkumar

Posters were judged by Brian Helenbrook, Paynter-Krigman Endowed Professor in Engineering Science Simulation at Clarkson University; Mark Salvador ’90 of Zi Inc.; John Bay, Executive Director of Cyber Research Institute; Bob DelZoppo, Assistant Vice President at SRC; Kevin Kwiat, Principal Computer Engineer in the Cyber Assurance Branch at AFRL; Lance S. Ketcham, Principal Engineer at ARCADIS U.S., Inc.; A&S Professor Roy Welch; A&S Professor Arindam Chakraborty; Joe Lauko, Vice President at SRC; and Ashwin Amanna, Senior Research Scientist at ANDRO Computational Solutions.

The Center for Advanced Systems and Engineering (CASE) co-sponsored the event.