Steven Herman ’12, Civil Engineering

August 28, 2015

With the distinct privilege of being a second generation graduate, I am proud to be a Syracuse University alumnus. I can say that I truly Bleed Orange. The rich academic experience and college life at Syracuse sets the stage for the most important years of one’s life; these years mold incoming students to become future leaders. Within the university is one of its most valuable institutions, the College of Engineering and Computer Science, an incubator for tomorrow’s thinkers and innovators. The engineering curriculum lays down the crucial foundations to teach great minds the advanced concepts in math and science, as well providing a holistic approach to economics and policy. The faculty teaches fundamental principles and insights for launching one’s professional career. I will forever be an ambassador of Syracuse University and the College of Engineering. Following graduation, I attended Columbia University where I earned my Masters of Science in Civil Engineering. I am currently an MBA candidate at New York University Stern School of Business specializing in Finance and Strategy. I take great satisfaction in knowing that I embody the ethos of Syracuse to the world, representing the Syracuse family by displaying the intellect and character I developed through years of rigorous study and work. At present, I work for Parsons Corporation, an internationally respected engineering firm, where I specialize in the inspection, design, analysis and rehabilitation of bridges in and around New York City. This job offers me the ability to secure and rebuild America’s long neglected infrastructure. Parsons offers me the opportunity to work on some of the most challenging engineering projects, including the much needed replacement of the Goethals Bridge; serving as one of the crucial economic links between New York and New Jersey. The Goethals Bridge replacement is a beacon in the ambitious improvement of the nation’s economic well-being. I am honored to work on this project, indeed, one of the many projects that will keep America relevant in the increasingly competitive globalized macroeconomic marketplace. Knowledge is crucial. Continued education strengthens leadership development and personal growth. It will be the key pilot during your career advancement. Current students have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge located on one campus. So here is my advice: Take advantage of what Syracuse has to offer. You have opportunities to hear lectures from world leaders on pressing issues of global importance, to listen to CEOs talk about the future of their industries, and the privilege to hear distinguished professors elaborate on novel discoveries that can change the way you view the world. These opportunities do not always exist outside of the college campus. So, I would like to offer a simple thought that is vital to your success: never stop learning.