SU Electrical Pricing Research Wins Best Paper Award

January 4, 2016

Manek Biswas G ’13 and Professor Chilukuri K. Mohan won the Best Paper Award in the energy-efficient computing track at the International Conference on Eco-Friendly Computing and Communication Systems. Their research, "Algorithms for the Implementation of a Dynamic Electrical Energy Pricing Policy,” addresses the implementation of electrical power load scheduling, given a model for predicting energy price fluctuations during a single day. Typical electrical energy usage by utility customers varies predictably and sharply over a day. However, increasing or decreasing energy production according to the day’s fluctuations in demand presents significant challenges to utility companies. Biswas and Mohan developed algorithms that allow customers to balance their energy usage using smart meters. The smart meters provide two-way communication, to inform customers and utility companies in real-time about current electricity demand and price data. Given this info, customers with smart meters, controllers, and smart appliances can schedule times when their energy usage will be high or low in order to reduce energy consumption and cost. For a more complete understanding of their solutions, review the entire paper on