Syracuse researchers win third place at IEEE Student Paper Competition

 a person assembles a CPU

May 11, 2017

Sijia Liu Ph.D.’16 , doctoral student Ao Ren, Professor Yanzhi Wang and Professor Pramod K. Varshney won third place in the Student Paper Contest at the 42nd IEEE international Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. There were several hundred papers in the student paper contest. The paper was entitled “Ultra-fast Robust Compressive Sensing Based on Memristor Crossbars.”

The research paper discusses the possibility of using emerging non-volatile memory device hardware in signal processing to increase the speed at which computers can acquire and reconstruct signals. An algorithm-hardware co-design and co-optimization framework on memristor crossbar-based framework is proposed to solve compressive sensing problems. The developed framework has the potential to have a revolutionary impact on solvers for mathematical programming with orders-of-magnitude improvement in energy efficiency and performance.

Liu was jointly advised by Professors Varshney and Makan Fardad. Ren is currently being advised by Professor Wang.