Syracuse University Hosts Air Force Cybersecurity Workshop

 Syracuse University Hosts Air Force Cybersecurity Workshop

September 5, 2018

College of Engineering and Computer Science Professors Shiu-Kai Chin, Susan Older and David G. Edelstein Professor for Broadening Participation and Department Chair of EECS Jae Oh joined more than 20 selected experts from the Department of Defense, academia, and industry at the “Enduring Assurance Workshop: Mission Assurance in Cyberspace, the IoT, and the Cloud” workshop on August 22-24. The workshop was held at Syracuse University’s Minnowbrook Conference Center on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks.

The Enduring Assurance Workshop was an invitation-only opportunity to help set the research and development agenda for the US Air Force (USAF) in support of cybersecurity. To support mission-essential functions, the Air Force needs to be sure its systems can maintain the necessary security, integrity, and stability.

“The workshop brought a diverse group of people from industry, government, military, and academia together to discuss cybersecurity applied to all areas of technology, administration, and human endeavor,” said Oh.

The research and development ideas generated will inform the research and development agenda put forth by Dr. Kamal Jabbour, USAF Senior Scientist for Information Assurance. Dr. Jabbour is the principal scientific authority and independent researcher in the field of information assurance, including defensive information warfare and offensive information warfare technology.