U.S. News Ranks ECS and the iSchool #19 in Best Online Information Technology Programs

 U.S. News Ranks ECS and the iSchool #19 in Best Online Information Technology Programs

January 14, 2020

Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), along with SU’s School of Information Studies (iSchool), has been recognized as No. 11 for Best Online Graduate Information Technology Programs for Veterans and No. 19 in the rankings for Best Online Graduate Information Technology Programs by U.S. News and World Report for 2020.

The full rankings, released earlier today, are available on the U.S. News & World Report website.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers online master’s degree programs in CybersecurityComputer Science and Computer Engineering.

The iSchool offers M.S. degree programs in Applied Data ScienceInformation Management, Information Management for Executives, and Library and Information Science online.

Online program offerings at ECS and the iSchool have the same curriculum and faculty as their respective on-campus programs. Faculty are trained in online pedagogy and have direct contact with students enrolled in online courses. Students are able to learn virtually anytime, anywhere, earning their graduate degrees with flexible study schedules, and with limited immersion requirements that can be fulfilled at various times during the year.

“The online computing master’s programs offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science allow students to work full time while developing skills they can immediately apply to careers in tech,” says Jae C. Oh, chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the David G. Edelstein Professor for Broadening Participation. “Our online curricula mirror the close interactions of our on-campus programs and are every bit as rigorous. It is encouraging to see the quality of our programs reflected in these respected rankings.”

College of Engineering and Computer Science Dean J. Cole Smith notes, “We are proud to see this recognition for all the hard work and dedication our faculty have put into their online course offerings. We are committed to providing all students an outstanding experience that will advance their skills and career, and our online programs are an outstanding option for many people.”

Distance, Veteran Strengths

Syracuse University and its College of Engineering and Computer Science and its iSchool are recognized as leaders in both distance education and in educational programming designed for military and veteran student audiences.

  • Across all iSchool online programs today, the percentage of military and veteran students enrolled is 18%.
  • The College of Engineering and Computer Science’s cybersecurity programs have been ranked as No.1 on Military Times’ rankings in both 2017 and 2018.
  • The iSchool has been at the leading edge of distance learning for three decades. The iSchool first offered online courses in 1993.
  • Both the iSchool and the College of Engineering and computer Science are leaders in education in computer information technology educational programming for the military and military veteran student audience.
  • Years ago, programs were initiated that were especially geared to veterans pursuing post-military careers, applying the leadership experience they gained in the military and guiding them in the transition to civilian life.
  • Syracuse University’s record of veteran education dates to World War II, and it has a current standing as the No. 1 private institution for veteran learning, according to The Military Times.

For its report, schools are evaluated on five general categories: engagement with the online student; faculty credentials and training; expert opinion (from a survey of high-ranking academic officials in information technology); services and technologies that the program provides; and student excellence. U.S. News says the rankings “offer the information needed to identify programs that best suit life and career goals of graduate students, and the top programs not only demonstrate strong academics but also create learning environments that are particularly well-suited to remote students.”