Varshney Receives Grant for Missile Defense Research

November 24, 2015

Professor Pramod K. Varshney has been awarded a $350,000 Missile Defense Agency grant through the Boston Fusion Corporation. Varshney will work with Boston Fusion, a data analytics and research company, to develop a parametric framework to accurately classify targets for ballistic missile defense applications. This program will produce a mathematical framework, founded on a theoretical analysis, to accurately characterize the uncertainties associated with different sensor outputs. This framework will lead to: a better understanding of the performance and limits of the underlying fusion architecture; new ways to develop fusion algorithms with optimal or near-optimal performance; and recommendations for sensor and/or feature selection under system resource constraints. The team will develop a prototype system design to validate the feasibility of the proposed statistical modeling approach. The resulting modeling framework will help to characterize the performance of the fusion architecture and enable future development of new fusion algorithms with enhanced performance.