Winners Announced for the 2018 Engineering and Computer Science Research Day

 Research Day Winners

April 4, 2018

More than 80 College of Engineering and Computer Science students presented their current research to judges during the college’s 2018 Research Day at the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel on Friday March 30th.

Through poster presentations and research pitches, students communicated the intellectual merit and broader impacts of their research in six signature areas: Health and Well-Being, Unmanned Systems, Energy Sources Conversion, and Conservation, Sustainable and Built Systems, Intelligent Systems and Security.

For the pitch competition, students had two minutes to show judges that their research addresses a challenging problem and has a significant potential application or impact.

After extended debate and careful consideration, the judging committee announced the pitch and poster competition winners:

First Place – Graduate student Huilin Ma with “How can we use computers to discover new antibiotics.” They were advised by Professor Shikha Nangia.

Second Place – Graduate student Plansky Hoang with “Can we ensure prescription safety for expecting mothers.” They were advised by Professor Zhen Ma.

Third Place – Graduate student Stephen Sawyer with “A scalable 3D printed model for bone tissue engineering.” They were advised by Professor Pranav Soman.

The overall winner of the poster competition was graduate student Shelby Buffington. The poster was titled “Enzymatically Triggered Shape Memory Polymers Expanding.” They were advised by Professor James Henderson.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering poster winner was graduate student Shiru Wang. The poster was titled “Analysis to Characterize Organic Micropollutants in Onondaga Lake, NY.” They were advised by Professor Teng Zeng.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering poster winner was graduate student Mingtau Wu. The poster was titled “Intrusion Detection for Cyber-Physical Attacks in CyberManufacuring Systems (CMS). They were advised by Professor Young Moon.

The Biomedical and Chemical Engineering poster winner was Ph.D. student Plansky Hoang. The poster was titled “Generation of 3-Dimensional Cardiac Microchambers for Embryotoxicity Drug Screening.” They were advised by Professor Zhen Ma.

There were two winners from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Graduate student Pranay Sharma won with a poster titled “Distributed Self Localization and Tracking With an Unknown Number of Targets” and graduate student Qunwei Li won with a poster titled “Robust Decentralized Learning with Unreliable Agents.” Both students were advised by Professor Pramod Varshney.

In addition to faculty from SUNY Upstate and SU, representatives from local, national and global companies, including Air Force Research Lab, AIS, Arcadis, Critical Technologies, GE Global Research, Gryphon Sensors, Indium, Lockheed Martin, SRC, Thales, and Welch Allyn participated as judges.