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    Graduate students studying in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering will find a collaborative and collegiate community of faculty, staff, and students. Our students come from around the world to study and pursue opportunities to conduct research with faculty who are leaders in their fields.

    In our Department, students are encouraged to take advantage of the great depth and breadth of courses that make Syracuse University distinctive. This includes pursuing certificates of advanced study, attending and presenting at conferences, and attending career and research workshops.

    We encourage you to become familiar with the research areas in the Department and to learn about the work of our faculty.

    Our graduate students are immersed in our culture of research and discovery and participate in our academic year-long seminar series where students can hear from thought leaders in the academic community and can network with faculty and students from across campus.

    With our commitment to helping students achieve their career goals, students can take full advantage of what the University has to offer through our College graduate resources  the University’s campus resources.

    We hope you will consider joining us and become a part of the Syracuse University graduate community.

    • Apply for the EMPOWER Graduate Program

      EMPOWER is an interdisciplinary graduate education program that is focused on research at the interface of the water and energy cycles. Funded by NSF, the program prepares students with the technical knowledge and professional skills needed to compete for careers in energy, environmental consulting, government, nonprofits, academia, and beyond.

      This program is the result of a $3 million grant from NSF. The program is open to current and future graduate students at Syracuse University.

      Learn more at

    • Apply for the Nelson L. Nemerow Memorial Scholarship

      Dr. Nelson L. Nemerow was a leading water-pollution expert and Syracuse University professor during the 1970s and is credited with establishing SU’s environmental engineering department in 1976. The Nelson L. Nemerow Memorial Scholarship in Environmental Engineering is awarded annually to graduate students pursuing study in environmental engineering, with a specific focus on clean water initiatives.

      Amount: two student fellowships awarded per year up to $1000 each

      Purpose: to be used for conference/workshop travel expenses and journal page charges during the calendar year following the year of application.

      Interested current or prospective graduate students may apply for this fellowship by submitting a short statement of interest with the following information:

      1. Name of the conference, workshop, or other event the student wishes to attend with the Nemerow Fellowship funds, and the student’s expected role at the event (e.g., giving an oral presentation, giving a poster presentation, serving as a participant in a workshop, etc.) If the Nemerow funds are to be used for journal page charges, give the date of expected submission of the journal paper, the name of the journal, and an abstract or short description of the paper.
      2. A rough budget showing how the Nemerow funds will be spent (e.g., cost of airfare, hotel conference registration, etc.)
      3. A statement explaining how the experience would benefit the student’s career.

      If a change in plans is necessary, the student is permitted to use the Nemerow funds to attend a different conference or workshop with the permission of their graduate advisor.

      Submission Details: Please email your statement of interest, along with a copy of your CV, to Jason Markle at . Please include “Nemerow Scholarship Application” in the email subject line.

      Deadline: October 1