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    The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is a vibrant academic and research community of scholars.

    We encourage you to become familiar with the research areas in the Department, to reach out to our faculty for support, and to become actively engaged in the Department community. One way we encourage our students to become involved is by attending the colloquium series we hold throughout the academic year. This is an opportunity to learn about advances in the academic community and to network with faculty and students from across campus.

    We are committed to helping you achieve your career goals. Students can take full advantage of what the University has to offer by learning about the graduate resources available in the College and the campus resources available at the University.

    For the most current information about your particular degree of study, you can refer to the Graduate Course Catalog.

    The Graduate School maintains a checklist of Graduate Requirements that all graduate students should be familiar with to ensure they are on track for degree completion. This site also has many necessary forms, dates and deadlines, and access to resources.


    Final Semester Requirements

  • Final Semester Requirements
  • Masters Students Only: You will be asked to turn in a Program of Study form during your final semester.
    If you are registered for less than 9 credits:

    1. Full-time status form
      – Do not use this form if you hold an assistantship or fellowship – you are considered full time by virtue of having the assistantship – as long as you are registered for at least GRD 998)
      – Non-domestic students need to check the SCIS Web page to see if they need the form.
    2. Last Semester Memo (only for non-domestic students). This form will be generated during the second week of classes. In order to receive this form, you:
      – must have filed a Diploma Request in MySlice;
      – must be registered for less than 9 credits;
      – letter will be sent to your SU Email.

    Master of Science Candidate Information

  • Master of Science Candidate Information

    Master of Science Thesis Information

    Master’s thesis online via the Syracuse University ETD website (this will eliminate the need to submit two printed copies):

    Ph.D. Candidate Information

  • Ph.D. Candidate Information
  • PhD_POS Program of Study for Doctoral Students.
    (If you are getting ready to defend, please check with Cynthia Salanger as the form may already be completed.)

    Qualifying Examinations

    QE Scope

    QE Guidelines

    QE1 Previous Exams

    QE2 Information

    • The committee consists of the advisor + one other EECS tenured/tenure-track faculty member (no formal approval needed); exceptions need to be approved by the department chair.
    • The focus is on presenting a written report and an oral critique of one or more publications, showing that the student can understand and analyze publications, as well as write and speak satisfactorily.
    • The reading list should be approved by the committee at least a month before the oral presentation; that’s when the request for examination should be submitted to Cynthia Salanger.
    • The student should circulate the written report to the committee, at least a week before the oral presentation.
    • Request for oral QE2 examination
    • Examination report for Ph.D (take this form with you to the QE2 examination)

    Proposal Defense Information

    Colloquium Presentation Information

    The objective of the student’s presentation(s) at the Department Colloquium Series is to communicate the student’s research results to the faculty and students of the department. The student must give at least one talk at this colloquium based on his/her dissertation prior to the final dissertation defense.

    Dissertation Defense

    • The examining committee consists of the advisor + four other EECS tenured/tenure-track faculty members + a representative of the graduate school from another department; the committee membership needs to be approved by the department chair a month before the defense. That’s when the request for examination should be submitted to Cynthia Salanger.
    • Exceptions to committee membership requirements need to be approved by the department and the graduate school. You’ll have to send the department chair the Request for Examination/CV of anyone on the committee who is not a tenured/tenure-track faculty member along with a petition explaining why they should be on the committee. No petition is needed if a prospective committee member is a part-time or research faculty member who have research experience (with publications) in the student’s area of study. Post-doctoral research associates are not faculty members, and cannot serve on the committee, even if they have helped advise the student and know more about the work than the student or the advisor.
    • The focus is on evaluating work that has been accomplished.
    • The student should circulate the written dissertation (to the committee) at least two weeks before the oral presentation.
    • Doctoral candidates with dissertation (Guidelines)
    • Request for Examination (Please make sure to leave a copy for our records at 4-206 CST before you turn the form in at 304 Lyman Hall.)
    •  Take this form with you to the dissertation defense examination


    Additional Department Information and Forms

  • Additional Department Information and Forms

    • Verification letters – if you need a letter indicating that you are full time, see Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall