4+1 Computer Science BS/Masters Program

This combined degree program is offered for the student who wants to complete consecutively the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. The combined degree program is designed to be completed in five years, with the student taking two master’s degree courses in the senior year. One course (3 credit hours) at the 500-level or higher may be counted towards both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees, so that the two degrees together require at least 150 credits.  The student is normally certified for the bachelor’s degree at the end of the fourth year and for the master’s degree at the end of the fifth year.

Admission to the combined degree program, normally requested during the second semester of the junior year, is based on academic performance.

*Students are accepted for graduate study after completion of the third year of study but are not fully matriculated as graduate students until bachelor’s degree requirements have been met. The undergraduate degree is awarded before completion of the graduate degree. Graduate courses taken in the fourth year of study count toward fulfillment of both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements. The graduate courses are included in the undergraduate tuition and appear only on the undergraduate record, and grades calculate only toward the undergraduate GPA. A block of transfer credits labeled as “transferred from SU undergraduate record” appears on the graduate record, if needed, and applies credit hours toward the graduate degree.

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