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Why SU? Why Now?

Technology is everywhere, but it isn’t everything.

Today’s engineers and computer scientists need an intimate understanding of how technological solutions synchronize with other disciplines. Policy, economy, sociology, education, art—the list is endless.

Our intimate, rigorous college is part of a University that boasts top business, communications, and public affairs colleges—just to name a few. We are uniquely suited to provide an engineering and computer science education that prepares graduates to create transformative solutions to today’s grand challenges.

With your help, we will amplify our distinctions and become a leading model for contemporary engineering and computer science education.


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Diversifying the workforce by expanding who studies engineering and computer science

We aim to cultivate a more inclusive community to encourage the participation of students who represent every facet of our diverse, global society. We need to attract the next generation of engineers and computer scientists, advance the educational experience for every student, and prepare them for lifelong success.

As we enhance the student experience through inclusive excellence, experiential learning, research opportunities, and distinct curricular offerings, the college will strengthen the quality and diversity of its graduates and help them elevate their impact on society and take their rightful place among the world’s top innovators.


 a student flies a model plane in the dome

Addressing what you learn, where you learn, and how you learn in a way that translates into lasting value

Today’s employers demand a new kind of engineer or computer scientist. Employers seek professionals who possess strong creative, technical, and collaborative skills. They need people with strong technical abilities who can communicate persuasively across disciplines, platforms, and cultures.

More than ever, a degree in engineering or computer science from Syracuse University is an investment with high return. As a rigorous technical college situated within a comprehensive university, we graduate well-rounded professionals and researchers to address our most critical global and social issues and differentiate our degree programs from all others. We aim to increase the value of a College of Engineering and Computer Science degree through continuous improvement and investment in our strategies.


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Cultivate a culture of discovery that translates to the classroom, industry, and beyond

Our research impacts the world around us—our health and well-being, safety and security, and the built and natural environment. Increasing this impact is essential to our academic excellence and reputation. We seek to amplify our strengths through partnerships with industry, government, and nonprofits. We extend our impact through undergraduate research and technology transfer.

We must also foster innovation outside of the laboratory. Innovation must be ever-present in our curricula and in our programming. We will position our students to be the technical experts that the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem relies on to build products and businesses and to invent and launch enterprises of their own.