Graduate Student Research

The College of Engineering and Computer Science offers six PhD programs and eleven MS programs. The programs offer graduate students opportunities for high-quality research.  The research office provides resources the professional and social life of our graduate students.




Research Day

Each year, engineering and computer science graduate students showcase their research to industry, faculty and fellow students. The college, in collaboration with industry partners, sponsors prizes for a Poster Competition and a Research Pitch Competition. In their presentations, students demonstrate (1) the scientific contribution of their research, (2) its potential applications or impacts, and (3) ability to present it clearly, especially to a non-specialist in the field.


Follow the links to learn more about the 2017 Research Day Winners.

Graduate Student Funding

  • Graduate Student Funding
  • PhD students in the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences may be supported through assistantships or fellowships. Graduate assistants (teaching or research) assist in teaching courses or conduct research in support of their thesis or dissertation. The links below provide further information about each type of support.

    Financial support for MS students is given on a competitive basis and is typically in the form of a tuition discount.